Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awesome Free Outsourcing Tutorial

I got my hands on an incredible audio (phone) interview with John Jonas. In this audio he explains exactly how he outsources his online business activities to people in the Philippines for a very low cost (about $350 per month on average).

I *know* this is achievable because I'm one of John's customers and I'm doing exactly this same thing.

List to the audio and then go get his program. It's awesome. Either way, the audio is totally free, no strings attached, and you'll get an incredible education.

Get more outsourcing information from John at this link.

Let me also provide you with this additional insight. You can get his system for a recurring monthly fee, and you can cancel anytime after you learn what you need. But, what I did is to take his "pro outsourcer" package. Yes I actually paid $697 to get this, but the benefit is *lifetime access* to the resumes, project management software and a lot of other great bonus material that is making me money. To get the "upsell", just subscribe and you'll get presented with a one-time offer. I highly recommend you get the pro package.

Beyond being a better value, the pro package kinda forces you to get off your ass and make use of the system. You'll be very committed to USING this stuff after you plunk down that kind of money. I know that's what happened for me.

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