Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sick of having VAs write articles? Focus on other content ideas!

I'm the type of person who constantly thinks about the happiness of others. So when I assign a task to my content writer, and I think it's too repetitive, I worry that she'll get bored. Not only do I want her to be happy, but I want her to be effective.

So I don't want her to simply crank out articles all day long on the same topic. That would drive anyone crazy!

Recently I gave my writer a task to craft an e-book that I'll offer as a free bonus to my customers. I picked a topic for the e-book that I thought would fit well within the interests of my market.

My guess is that it will take about 2 weeks of labor for her to brainstorm ideas, write them up, format the book, add photos, and turn it into a finished PDF. That's my guess, but we shall see how fast it really goes.

If I give her projects like this every so often, it will keep her more interested in the job, and therefore happier. That's what I want. It will also give me great bonus material for my customers, which should drive more sales.

Another idea I'd like to implement is to have her write some kind of super-interesting stuff that will get noticed. Nothing to sell ... but something that would be link-bait. Imagine how many incoming links we could get if I can have her research something that is HIGHLY interesting, and put together a fantastic article on the subject? Social bookmarket it a few times and watch it go viral.

Maybe the first attempt won't work. Maybe the second attempt won't work either ... but if we get even ONE hit out of a few tries, we'll get so many incoming links it will make it all worthwhile.

That's the power of outsourcing (at least in theory!).

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