Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outsourcing: Communicate with your VAs by Voice!

I've been working with my 2 Filipino employees for a while now and I have one very simple observation. Unless you have a very smooth process running, using a lot of back-and-forth email will waste time. Same with using IM via Skype, MSN Messenger, whatever.

Use voice.

I use Skype to talk to my Filipinos. They all seem to have Skype and they are online when they work. When I have a 10 minute conversation with them, I often discover that there was some kind of misunderstanding on how to do a task that I'd never have understood without talking. IM chats take WAY too long.

So, get on the (skype) phone! Ask your VA if they have a microphone. If they do not, consider going to Best Buy and grabbing a cheap mic, and mail it to them. Or send them an extra $15 and tell them to go buy one. It's worth every penny.

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