Saturday, April 17, 2010

Article Outsourcing Experience (This made me very happy)

Over the last couple of months I've been having my outsourcing team build some new websites, and we needed to move on to the promotional aspect (getting traffic).

My main content writer is a woman from the Philippines. She's pretty good when she spell checks and proof reads her own work. But I had fallen into the trap of editing a lot of her work and I think that resulted in her seeing me as a "safety net".

Truth is - my goal is to NOT even have to read the stuff that she writes, perhaps other than a cursory skim of the content. After all, this has nothing to do with my primary online business (where I am the ONLY content writer), and I don't even want my own name on these other projects.

So I was spending too much time reading her articles and editing them to my standards and my "style" of writing. That was a clear mistake. I was doing this because the articles were going to get put into my EzineArticles account and I didn't want to risk my account.

The solution was really simple after I stopped to re-evaluate my way of doing things. I simply had her setup a new EzineArticles account for her to submit articles to. Now she is fully aware that I'm not proof reading them for her, but I have full visibility into the account. I'm also not taking any "risk" with my existing account.

Here's the result: We submitted the first 10 articles immediately. As you know, with EZA, you can't submit more than 10 articles at first. Well, I'm happy to say that of the 10 articles she submitted every single one was approved and the account was upgraded to Platinum instantly.

I read what she submitted. The articles were totally fine. Were they works of art? Of course not, but they were useful, grammatically correct, and they do their job of creating backlinks to our new websites.

If you are wondering about the cost per article, it's about $3 each. She's typically producing about 5 articles per day, and there are 22 average work days in a month.

I hired her from and I used John Jonas' program to learn how to hire people and train them. I also created a lot of my own training for my own specific needs. It's VERY easy to do and totally worth doing. In fact, you can't afford NOT to do this stuff if you want to succeed in online marketing.

Here's a post where you can get a free audio interview discussing outsourcing.

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