Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review of Mass Outsource by Tyrone Shum

Well today I had a chance to checkout another outsourcing program from a competitor to John Jonas. The guy is Tyrone Shum, from Australia. The name of the progam is Mass Outsource Mastermind.

I'm a (happy) customer of John Jonas and a member of ReplaceMyself, so I was curious what Tyrone would bring to the table.

First, let's look at the pricing. He's charging a similar price of just under $100 per month for access to a series of training modules. They get drip-fed to you weekly to keep you interested in staying on board for the program. Where he's a bit different is that after 6 months your payments STOP. You get perpetual access to his mastermind site even though you aren't paying any more.

People might not realize this but John Jonas offers a "Pro Outsourcer" package also that involves a one time fee of $697 and grants you perpetual access to his system. This is presented as a one time offer after you do your initial sign-up. This is what I bought (no recurring fees, ever). So the way I see it, Tryone is essentially matching John here.

Tyrone's videos are pretty good - everything is well explained. But that said, I feel that the content is essentially a duplication of what is inside of Replace Myself. I don't know enough about Tyrone to tell if he's "the real deal" or not. But I feel I know enough about John Jonas to say that he certainly *is* the real deal. So content-wise, I think the scale tips more towards John here.

John offers members access to, which is online project management software. Tyrone has come up with another website that does the exact same thing, using the exact same software (so I'm assuming it is available as something that can be licensed, or perhaps it is open source software). So he's matching John here.

Finally, let's consider how you can use Tyrone's system to hire workers. His video describes a good method for using to hire employees. This is where it gets a bit weird. is actually John Jonas' site. Unless you are a member of you are supposed to be paying about $50 per month for access to it. Tyrone is giving his members a way to login to the site using his own account. If I was considering purchasing this program I'd be a bit worried that John Jonas will cut off his account (and therefore cut off all of the members of Mass Outsource). That is, unless he's struck a deal with John to allow this. It's not clear to me what the reality is.

My personal preference would be to go with John's program - but I will say that Tyrone's content is pretty good, he communicates well, and he's probably done a bit better job organizing the content and providing tools such as a user forum (which I would like to see John ad). But I'm nervous about promoting Tyrone's program given issue I mentioned above.

Anyway - no matter what you think is the better program to use, I do encourage you to use SOME system. I like what John has, but I also will point out to you that Tyrone is giving away a series of 10 videos which provide some good content.

Here's a link to John's system
Here's a link to Tyrone's system.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for writing your review and providing your honest opinion.

    A few things I would like to add to this is that John Jonas has also partnered with me to launch Mass Outsource Mastermind which is due to open on April 20, 2010. That being said, I also have a few other well known marketers who have endorsed this product and have provided testimonials which you can see on at

    Furthermore, the content produced was based on a survey I completed with more than 100 people who gave me specific questions conveying to me this is what they wanted from the course and what they wanted to achieve in their own business. Therefore all the content produced was based on customer feedback and not duplicated from John's program.

    One last comment I would like to add is once a member has completed the course after 4 months they will have lifetime access to all the resources and the project management system and any future updates.

    Thank you for taking the time to review my product and if anyone has any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me at:


  2. Hi Chris....I am very keen to join replacemyself but I need to know what sort of training he puts out for the va. In other words, what sort of system does he use. Mini websites, authority sites, list building etc.

    Thanks in advance,