Sunday, January 3, 2010

Outsourcing: I've Just Hired A Content Writer with Perfect English for $350 per month

I hope this helps someone. For a while now I've been struggling to find the time to produce great content for my online businesses because there have always been so many other things that need my attention.

I already have one full time employee in the Philippines, as described in this post. but he's not a content guy. He's a guy that will be doing keyword research, link building, article submission, and other mechanical tasks.

I decided to hire a 2nd person exclusively to produce content. I started the process literally 2 days ago and just pulled the trigger on a hire tonight.

The woman that I hired is also a Filipino and the writing sample she sent me was impressive. Of course you always wonder, "Did she really write all of it, or was it edited by a native English speaker?".

So I did a Skype chat with her. I purposefully did *not* speak by voice because I wanted to see how she communicated in text form. After all, that's how she'll have to work.

For a full 45 minutes we chatted by Skype. I made more typos than she did, and I didn't notice a single grammar mistake. Wow.

I hired her. $350 per month full time. I know I could have hired someone for less, but it's just not worth it to my business to nickel and dime people.

I the idea of doing this excites you, then you need to get over to this site RIGHT NOW so that you can download John's free 60-minute education on outsourcing. It's amazing. He has taught me so much. Seriously.

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