Friday, January 8, 2010

My Filipinio Team is Driving Traffic

Here's an update on my last few outsourcing posts.

I have two people working for me full time in the Philippines. One girl is a content writer, and she is quite familiar with SEO, blog posting, etc. She writes articles that go on a few of my blogs. The other guy does other tasks that I need him to do, aside from writing (his English isn't good enough to write content).

Right now, this is is the workflow that I'm using to stay out of the way, yet reap the rewards.

1) My writer writes articles and uploads them to the project management software that I get access to for free by using this awesome service. She simply lets me know, every day, how many articles she's written.

2) My writer then submits them to my blogs. This doesn't take her long since it's really easy. I just set her up as an author on my WordPress blogs.

3) Once Google indexes the article on my blog, my other guy will submit it to Ezine and the resource box will point to my blog, or my main domain, or inner pages of my website. We vary it.

4) Once EZA accepts the article, we modify the resource box again so that we can include a link to the EZA URL, then the guy submits the articles to a slew of other article directories. This way we get more backlinks to the site, and to the original EZA submission (boosting it's rankings in the search engines).

Right now we're using manual submission of articles, but I think we'll switch over to ArticleBot at a minimum. Otherwise we may try out Unique Article Wizard. Have any of you tried either of those?

Productivity-wise, I'm getting about 4 good quality articles per day from my writer. I expect that she'll be doing at least this many if not 5-6 as she gets to know the niche market even better.

Seriously folks - you can't afford not to go hire someone (or a team) to help you expand your business. Here's what I recommend: Go get this audio that explains how to outsource. It's life changing.

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