Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Better Way to Outsource

I'm going to make this quick. I stopped using Elance for recurring tasks that I was hiring people to do. Yes, I'll use Elance again for specific one-off tasks, but not for stuff that is done regularly.

The Better Option: Hire Your Own Full Time Employees.
I'm now hiring people from the Philippines on a full time basis. Here's why:

  • They speak and write in very good English
  • They are hard working and want to do online work
  • They typically have their own PC and a good Internet connection
  • They can work while I am sleeping, and vice-versa, so things get done faster
  • They are highly educated (often college degrees, etc)
  • They are very computer savvy
I got started doing this because of what I learned from an amazing one-hour audio recording that I listened to a couple of months ago.

It totally changed my thinking on outsourcing forever. Prices? You can hire someone for as little as $200 per month, perhaps up to $400-500 per month depending on the skills you need.

Yes, I'm serious.

Go grab the audio recording that changed my thinking forever.

Get it now, seriously.

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