Thursday, April 9, 2009

Use Wordpress for your site

I wanted to write a quick post to say what a lot of other people are already saying. I am using WordPress for my websites because it is easy to use, there are millions of people ready to do whatever I hire them to do (who understand WordPress) and there are a ton of useful plugins.

WordPress makes creating a website a cinch.

My use of WordPress involves:
  • In all instances I set it up to have a "static" home page, and this is the sales letter
  • I hire a graphics guy to do a great job making a header image and product images
  • I use plugins for SEO, Google Analytics
  • I use DLGuard to sell digital products.
  • I use several page templates for squeeze pages, sales pages, blogs, etc. I learned how to make my own template just by editing text files for existing templates
WordPress is quite simply the only way to go for starting an online business. That's my opinion.

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