Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Outsourcing: Great Start!

So my assistant in India is now emailing all of the website owners that he found for me. In my last post I described how I'm outsourcing affiliate recruitment. I wrote a form letter to send to website owners and I gave my new virtual admin the gmail account login info to use. So it looks like I'm sending emails even though it's not me. I wrote the message and I don't feel back about outsourcing the mechanical part of finding sites and sending the message.

I'm logged into my account and I can see the emails that my admin is sending (because he copies me on every email). It's exciting. I'm paying peanuts for this (I think I'll pay him extra), and it's like having magic happen. Every minute I refresh my email list and I see he's sent out more messages. This guy is a machine.

Of course now I have to get back to *real* work. Watching him do his job is not very productive. But it is exciting to see results in the beginning.

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