Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awesome Result with WordPress Freelance Designer

Over the last few weeks I decided that I wanted to make a dramatic change to the way one of my main sales pages looked. I had another website as a "model" in mind, and I needed to have my wordpress theme modified to match it.

I was using the FlexSqueeze theme and I wanted to stick with this theme, but totally change the navigation tabs, and build a custom template. I had NO idea how to do this. I also wanted a new graphical header for my site because the sizing would be different.

I posted the job on Elance. I knew this would take a skilled CSS/PHP/Wordpress guy no more than a day (full time) to do. I expected a price under $200.

I got Elance bids from $255 up to $450. I thought they were all charging too much.

So that got me thinking - how about I post it to instead? Normally I use that site to hire employees. I hire people who work for me regularly, full time. Not freelancers. But I decided to look for a freelancer this one time to see what happened.

I ended up hiring a guy named Franz from the Philippines. He did an AWESOME job on my project including the template, and a new graphical header. He quoted a price that was VERY reasonable and I ended up paying him 40% extra because he did such a good job within such a short period of time.

I told him that if I liked his work I'd help him find more clients. I can say I'm MORE than happy to recommend him. He communicates well, asks the right questions, does great work and listens to what you ask. I'll be hiring him again for other projects.

Here's his website:

BTW I have access to because I'm a member of John Jonas' outsourcing system, which I've been absolutely thrilled with.

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