Saturday, May 8, 2010

The "Magic Device" LiveScribe Pen

Hey everyone,

As an Internet Marketer I am really interested in learning as much as I can to get better at outsourcing parts of my business. Lately, John Reese started his pre-launch videos for Outsource Force, which I expect will be a training program at $2k, when all is said and done.

Anyway, if I wasn't already a happy member of John Jonas' awesome program, I'd probably seriously consider John's thing.

So - I watched Video #2 last night and it was pretty awesome. John showed off a "magic device" that he uses to help him communicate ideas. I thought for sure he'd be talking about Jing software. But he wasn't.

Instead he was talking about the Livescribe 4 GB Pulse Smartpen. This thing is incredible! I ordered one online immediately (because of something else I already knew).

Here's the scoop: The pen actually writes on regular paper with regular ink. But you can record (as a video) everything that you write in digital format, and it also records audio and synchronizes the audio to what you are writing.

Imagine that you are trying to explain to your article writer how you want him to create links in resource boxes that point to your website, and to your EZA articles, using your focus keywords. You could simply make a little diagram on paper, talk as you write, and send the "PenCast" to your outsourcer.

Why I was convinced: I have a good friend who has one of these pens and he talks about how much he loves it. I had NO IDEA it would do video, I thought it was just for making PDFs of whatever you write, which seemed less interesting. But the video / audio sync stuff really sold me on it, so I bought one.

I can't wait for it to arrive! The article marketing example I mentioned above will be my very first application for the device.

You can get the Livescribe 4 GB Pulse Smartpen at Amazon.

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