Friday, May 15, 2009

Update on elance

Ok - I have now hired two people on elance with great success. The first guy, "John" is finding websites for me related to my niche market, and then he emails the website owner a form letter that I pre-wrote. He just inserts their name and he copies me on the emails. I have him using a gmail account that is setup so that the sender looks like me (it shows up in the other person's inbox as coming from my domain directly).

John sent out 350 emails within a 20 hour block of time. Cost to me: $60. Unreal. I had dozens of website owners reply to me asking me to get a copy of my material to review, and several of them have become affiliates. This is the power of outsourcing.

Another elancer (unnamed), has been setting up online profiles for me at various websites that allow me to leave backlinks. I purchase a set of PDF documents each month with 80 links in them, and I give them to this elancer. I just don't have the time to do it myself. It would probably take me 10 hours to complete. I pay $48 for 80 website profiles every month. It's unreal how effective these folks are. Not everything is perfect from day one but if you are nice and provide friendly feedback, they will listen and correct their actions.

FYI, for the backlinking, I have moved from position 33 to position 13 as a result of these backlinks. Next month I expect to be on the first page of google.

This time around, elance is working out very well for me. I'm sure the ROI is absolutely massive.

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